Fast Rabbit Software, LLC

Fast Rabbit Software, LLC is a developer of education software and games.

PO Box 534, Itasca, 60143, USA
General phone:
(630) 735-2327
(847) 273-0549
Fast Rabbit Software, LLC

Best software by Fast Rabbit Software, LLC

Math Flash
An easy to use flash card style program to aide students in learning.
Master Math Word Problems
Help school-age kids to sharpen their Math skills and to develop their logic.
Little Hopper's Memory Matching Game
It is designed to test and improve your kids memory skills.

Popular programs by Fast Rabbit Software, LLC

Fast Rabbit Typing
Fast Rabbit Typing. is a software which helps you type faster.
Dolce Ear Training
Entry level music theory software with rhythm practice.
FRS Clocks and Time
Learn to tell the time through practice by way of repetition.
FRS Talking Calculator
Easy to use calculator for use in elementary classrooms.
LOWA ESL Memory Game
Over 100 English terms through interactive game play and repetition.

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